Bibim X Able

We create a metaverse that fuses the boundaries between virtual and reality.

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"BIBIM," which means convergence, and "ABLE," which means possibility, met.

Everything is made when your imagination meets our technology.

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Imagination and Reality

Bibimble has gathered experts in each field, including members of the first generation of VR, to take on a new challenge to combine the strengths of each field.

Just as a small seed becomes a big tree, our imagination is becoming a reality.
We will be a bridge between imagination and reality.


Mercedes-Benz VR
'Cheong Wa Dae' Moon Jae In's Day VR
Mercedes X Dior Collaboration Project


Hologram fantasy performance, "Goblin Fantasia"
Hologram 3D Control Tower
Sejong Smart City 'Tour Center'


In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the provisional government, VR "In search of the provisional government"
VR and hologram convergence rhythm performance game "HOLOBEATS"
AR Glass Experience 'Animal Rescue MR' using Magic Leaf
"Hidden Story VR," a theater-type history game that follows the footsteps of history


Metaverse Exhibition - Seoul Career Fair
Metaverse Exhibition - Seoul Art Market
Metaverse Exhibition - K-pop Exhibition

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Our Service

Bibimble tries to combine technology and culture to create a new combination.
'HOLOMR', which combines virtual reality and holograms, and 'AI METAHUMAN', which combines AI,
Real-time interactive holograms that combine 'Digital Human' with 'motion capture and holograms',
Create a new culture through 'Vibetech Real Exhibition',
a platform where exhibitions are automatically created and held.

Element service

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Digital human
Digital Twin
Artificial Intelligence
Motion Capture

Mixed product

HoloMR Theater
Vibetech Real Exhibition platform
AI Metahuman

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