HOLO MR Software

Easy to create interactive holograms.

Feature 01

Intuitive interface

Play music, increase or decrease the volume, or assign the color in
one screen with Holo MR software.
Also change the hologram graphic at the same time you play
music. Save all the settings and recall them at any time.
The screen shown in hologram is controlled by the control panel.

Feature 02

Drag & Drop

Creating a hologram is very simple.
Grab the desired effect, mask or sound and
place it in the controller position.
Then you can create your own hologram.

Feature 03

Hologram Library

We have prepared a wide variety of holographic elements for you.
Want to draw a picture with a hologram?
Want to play a musical instrument with a hologram?
Want to spray snow into the air while performing?

Just pick the effect whatever you want
from our Hologram Library.

Feature 04

Play Music,
Sound and Video

Drop the beat and melody to complete your hologram expression.
By embedding your favorite background media and music,
you can project the real-time interaction hologram object.

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